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Aruba News & Island Temptations Sweepstakes

Published on: Jul 20, 2003

Category: General Winner of the 2002/2003 and Island Temptations sweepstakes spent a fun-filled vacation in Aruba, courtesy of Aruba's most popular website and the award-winning magazine.

The fifth annual IFM contest, was spectacular

Published on: Jul 04, 2003

Category: General Some of the best features of Aruba were on display for the International Female Model Contest unfolding for the fifth time at the Tropicana Showroom, Sunday night.

Teens on Vacation in Aruba

Published on: Jun 24, 2003

Category: General Family Matters: Tripping with Teens “Hi mom, just wanted to let you know that when I come down for spring break, I am bringing three friends with me.” That’s the message that was left on my answering machine by my fifteen-year old son, Taylor, whose few words sent me into a major tailspin.

A local song bird spreads her wings

Published on: Jun 09, 2003

Category: General Our roving photographer caught Thannee Hassell, at Jamaica Me Krazy, having lunch while on the island on vacation, visiting her parents. Yes, the pretty young woman is Max's baby daughter, and she is spreading her musical wings, right as we speak.

Aruba Renaissance Beach Resort and Crystal Casino announces ten million dollar renovation

Published on: Jun 02, 2003

Category: General As part of its renovation plan, Aruba Renaissance Beach Resort and Crystal Casino, announce a comprehensive 10 million dollar investment, for the summer of this year.

Desmond Tutu celebrates Mother's Day at Le Dome

Published on: May 28, 2003

Category: General The winner of the 1984 Nobel peace prize, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, of South Africa, spent a number of days here in Aruba as the guest of Simply Aruba N.V., a foundation dedicated to spiritual matters.

Noah’s Arc opens in Eagle

Published on: May 28, 2003

Category: General Sue Ng & Kathleen Powers are the owners of the new pet emporium, Noah's Ark, in Eagle.

Congratulations Island Temptations magazine

Published on: May 28, 2003

Category: General Island Temptations' entry for the Caribbean Tourism Organization's (CTO) Worldwide Travel Writer/Photographer Awards Programme has been selected as the winner in the category of Best Short News Article Under 500 Words...

Bula Opens at Royal Plaza

Published on: May 28, 2003

Category: General A new store at Royal Plaza dreamed up by Yair Lichtenstein.

Aruba shows its commitment to ecotourism

Published on: Apr 09, 2003

Category: General The 10th Annual Aruba Reef Care Project (ARCP), an awareness campaign and clean-up event, will take place July 5-6th