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Aruba Downtown Walking Tours Officially Launched

  • Published on: Nov 08, 2016
  • By: Jerry Gomez
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The travellers of today have a big interest in the identity of the destination that they are visiting. They have the desire to meet the locals, see how they live, eat their food and simply experience beautiful moments that they have not experienced before. The tour was created based on results of tourists wanting to have more authentic experiences in Aruba. The local experts at Aruba Walking Tours, proud of their heritage are more than happy to share this with the visitors.

Aruba Downtown Walking Tour is available Monday through Saturday at 9 am starting at the Cosecha Building situated next to Yemanja Restaurant / Renaissance Hotel and has a duration of 2.5 hrs. The experience includes:
Complimentary Pick Up ( High and Low Rise Hotels/Condo Buildings ), Local Expert ( Guide to share local history and info at each stop ), More than 30 amazing sites, Entrance to 2 Museums, 1 Bottle of Water, 2 Different Local Bites,  $7 Aruba Aloe Gift Card, Free Wifi throughout the entire tour, some Surprises along the way and plenty fun.

In the past Aruba did have group walking tours but during the past years this was not available. Now the tour has been created based on the desire of today’s traveller and it is more interactive.

Aruba has a rich history, which is concentrated mainly in the central part of Aruba’s downtown. With buildings dating back to the 1700’s there are many interesting stories to tell which the local expert who will guide the groups through the city shares.

After each tour the visitors can freely enjoy the city on their own by having lunch, by shopping, going to the casino or revisiting the museums.

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