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Panamanian beauty is enticed....

  • Published on: Jun 07, 2004
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Whether it is its sumptious Belgian-French cuisine, the attractive waiters or the lovely restaurant itself she loves so much, we don't know, but Justine Pasek of Panama, Miss Universe 2002, entrancewas spotted at Le Dôme Restaurant yesterday and again today! Her hard-to-miss supermodel looks have caused Justine to be chosen as ambassador for the Dior line for Latin America. Just having come back from Ecuador, where she attended the MissUniverse 2004 pageant, she met the international crew of Christian Dior's aswell as with Aruba Trading Co. representatives Elias Wilson, Anna Arends, Franklin de Kort and Emile de Cuba Sr. for a celebratory dinner. And what a dinner it was.... she came back the next day for lunch!

guestbookMiss Universe 2002 is now 24 years old. She has fulfilled her duties as the reigning beauty of the world with great charm. Travelling almost incessantly, Justine has attended media events with heads of State and has been hosting countless fundraisers. Visiting the White House during Hispanic Heritage Month, she represented her Latina sisters as well as women in general. Her plans to finish her degree in Environmental Engineering have been put aside for the time being.

During her reign as Miss Panama, this young beauty has worked with an organization called Casa Esperanza, which helps street kids get off the streets and into schools. Casa Esperanza is just one of many charitable organizations which she wished to help. In her role as a celebrity she tried to get better understanding and acceptance of AIDS/HIV besides promoting prevention of the disease. She did this not only in her home country, but wherever she travelled to.

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Fotos: Jurgen Flass / Text: Heleen Bongers

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