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Aruba International Film Festival Unveils "Green" Initiatives For Inaugural Event

Aruba – April XXII 2010 – Looking to play an active role in preserving and protecting the beautiful ecosystem that defines the beautiful island nation of Aruba, The Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF) announced plans to implement pro-environmental practices throughout the festival to minimize the ecological footprint of the week-long event (June 4-11, 2010). AIFF has launched several initiatives to help promote environmental preservation. These include:

Partnership with Aruba’s Arikok Park:

  • AIFF founders Giuseppe Cioccarelli and Jonathan Vieira have formed an alliance with Aruba’s Arikok National Park Foundation to contribute to maintaining a “green” Aruba and providing assistance with several projects in the Park. Contributions include:
  • AIFF will sponsor a special Earth Day activity at the Arikok Park on April 22nd in which local schoolchildren will be invited to learn about ways to reduce their carbon footprint through conservation and the use of eco-friendly technology. The lesson will culminate in the reforestation of the Hoji Shon Shoco (Mr. Owl's Garden) area of the park, near the Visitor’s Center, These trees, in turn, will revive the habitat for birds such as the Aruban Parakeet.
  • AIFF will help reforest the Plantation Prins area of the Park with coconut seedlings collected during the cleanup of Rancho Daimari. Additional benefits include the cleaning of the abandoned coconut plantation at the Plantation Prins location and instruction on planting a sustainable garden in the Aruba climate.
  • AIFF will offer support for the Park Foundation’s efforts to construct a greenhouse to grow trees for Park reforestation. AIFF will do this by encouraging corporate responsibility among the corporate sponsors and vendors at the Festival.
  • AIFF will allocate space for Arikok to set up a booth at the festival where they can inform the public about the initiatives the Park is taking in reforesting and sustaining the plants in the Park and providing a habitat for Aruba’s natural wildlife. Park Rangers will also be able to enlist volunteers and organize hiking tours from their booth at AIFF.

AIFF Host Venue, Paseo Herencia, to Go Green

AIFF and host venue Paseo Herencia are making a concerted joint effort to keep Aruba green. This includes:
  • Placing recycling bins around the compound, collected daily and contents recycled
  • Reusable water bottles will be available, to be filled with pure Aruba drinking water.
  • Maps for walking to the Festival will be provided
  • Restaurants at Paseo Herencia will be provided with AIFF cups, napkins and other paper products made entirely of recycled and recyclable paper.
  • Guests will be given tips for “going green” at the Festival

Ben & Jerry for AIFF GREEN

Ben & Jerry’s will sponsor a special Earth Day activity at the Arikok Park on April 22nd in which local schoolchildren are invited to learn about ways to reduce their carbon footprint through conservation and the use of eco-friendly technology. Ben & Jerry’s doesn't fight global warming only by being plain COOL; it actually produces CO2 neutral with all environmental friendly ingredients. Free ice cream is served out of Ben & Jerry’s solar powered truck to all participating schoolchildren at this event.

About The Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF)

Taking place June 4-11, 2010, the breathtaking Caribbean island of Aruba provides the backdrop for the film industry’s newest “must-attend” event, with an inviting atmosphere, suited like none other, to attract actors, directors, filmmakers, and film lovers for a one-of-a-kind festival experience.

Legendary leading man and activist Richard Gere will open the inaugural Aruba International Film Festival as its official host. In addition to opening the Festival, Gere will be bestowed with a special humanitarian award and participate in the Festival’s “In Conversations With” series engaging the Festival audience.

AIFF stands to further global awareness for the Island of Aruba as a center of art, culture and creativity and serve as a platform to promote the understanding and appreciation for the art of cinema and filmmaking. With participants enjoying a relaxed Aruban ambiance, AIFF promotes a more casual interaction between filmmakers and audience, making the film festival incredibly friendly and accessible to all participants.

The annual AIFF brings people from around the world to view a wide selection of films, join in discussions, take part in workshops and panels, and attend special parties and events. There are expected to be a number of premiers and major studio films showcased in the festival to complement the independent, art-house selections from around the world.

AIFF has a mission to encourage, educate and activate young Aruban filmmakers. Throughout the Festival, notable film professionals will be conducting workshops and master classes on all facets of filmmaking and the creative process. Student filmmakers will be invited to screen their works for critiques and suggestions by visiting professionals.

Additional details involving the official AIFF line-up and celebrity attendance at the Festival will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information please visit the Aruba International Film Festival website at A one-of-a-kind experience awaits!

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