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Aruba Marriott Gives a Helping Hand to St. Michael Paviljoen Nursing Home

Aruba Marriott recently organized a community work event where the associates of the Aruba Marriott and members of Aruba Marriott CARE Foundation put their hands together to give St. Michael Paviljoen, a nursing home in Oranjestad, a well deserved makeover. 

Starting at eight o’clock in the morning, associates gathered at the nursing home with the goal of cleaning the yard and painting their lunchroom and two bedrooms. The team was divided in two teams; one team focused on the outside area and cleaning the yard while the other team focused on painting the interior. By one o’clock in the afternoon the teams finalized their projects and delivered a tidy yard and a beautifully painted interior to the clients and staff of St. Michael Paviljoen, who were very  grateful to the volunteers for their time and effort and to Aruba Marriott for letting their associates volunteer during their work time and for choosing St. Michael Paviljoen as their Aruba Doet activity. 

Aruba Marriott CARE Foundation counts on the support of about 650 associates who donate every month from their own salaries to provide the Aruba Marriott CARE foundation with the funds to give back to the community in the form of charity. The foundation receives and evaluates each donation request that comes in and choose those that fit best with the company’s philosophy. Aruba Marriott’s associates launched Aruba Marriott CARE Foundation in 1999 and have been contributing to the local community of Aruba for over 18 years. Giving back to the community fulfills the sentiment of “Spirit to Serve” in each employee that supports the foundation by contributing financially and physically. 

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino opened its door in 1995 with 411 guestrooms. In 1999 the Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club opened its door with 311 guestrooms and in 2004 Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club was opened with 900 guestrooms. The Aruba Marriott family consists of 1100 associates and about 400 contractors. The Aruba Marriott Complex is the largest in the Caribbean in terms of total guestrooms as well total employees.  

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