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Aruba Upcoming Carnival 59

presentation of Kiwanis Carnival Gala.jpgCourtesy of: The Morning News
by: Rosalie Klein

Though actual Carnival 59 events will not officially begin until January 5, 2013, it has become a time honored tradition to officially open the upcoming season on November 11, at 11 minutes after 11:00 AM, a throwback to ancient European rituals of celebrating and feas­ting before the winter weather truly sets in.

On Aruba, the officially opening is an event accorded all the ceremony of the most important events of state and culture. Presiding over all is the Director of the Stichting Arubaanse Carnival, or SAC, the Aruba Carnival Foundation President, Tecla Kelly-Hernandez. She and a dedicated group of volunteers which organizes and administrates Carnival events, welcomed the royal of Carnival 58, the various queens, kings and princes and panchos, who truly rule for the carnival season.

As ritual dictates, local media personality Ruben Garcia introduced this year’s jingle, performed by popular local band Youth Extreme. The official beginning of Carnival 59 was marked by Carnival Queen 58, Lynette do Nacimento, presenting Tecla Kelly-Hernandez with the CD, as it was played for the gathering. Each year RBTT bank has sponsored the composing and recording of the jingle, and under its new banner of Royal Bank of Canada, or RBC, it continues the tradition.

Other traditions include the introduction of the annual logo. This year, carnival designer and enthusiast Michael Douglas was joined by the creator of the logo, Rowald de Graaff in presenting it to the public.
Major sponsor, SETAR NV, Aruba’s telecommunications company, will be selling the tee shirts emblazoned with this attractive graphic.      

Representatives of Kiwanis of Palm Beach presented Tecla with the first ticket to their annual masquerade fundraising ball, which takes place on the night preceding Jouvert Mor­ning. Proceeds from the ball help to fund Carnival events.

Unfortunately, the beloved tradition of the introduction of the annual edition of Bacchanal, the “bible” of carnival events and history, is delayed because of last minute sche­dule changes. It’s publisher, Chibi van der Hans expressed his regret but promised it will be available shortly.

SAC events coordinators Sharine Geerman and Rene Ridderstaat expressed their gratitude to all sponsors for making the 11/11/11 launch at Arashi Beach such a success. They wished all a happy and safe Carnival season 59, with many wonderful events enjoyed as a community.

The introduction of Carnival 59 continued in the evening with various groups showcasing their costumes and themes for the upcoming revelries, at a festive night at the Olde Molen complex in Palm Beach.

carnival 59 logo.jpgCarnival Queen Lynette di Nacimiento presents the carnival jingle.jpg

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