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Boardwalk Nominated Best Boutique Hotel in The Caribbean!

Boardwalk Small Hotel is nominated for Caribbean Journal’s list of Best Boutique Hotels in the Caribbean as Aruba’s ONLY listed property, a great honor.  This truly shows that the greatest luxury often comes in small packages. Caribbean Journal selected its favorite small hotels in the Caribbean and Boardwalk Small Hotel is Aruba’s proud representative on the list.

Tucked away next to the Palm Beach shoreline lies one of Aruba's smallest and most charming hotels. Set amidst a coconut grove, the hotel is a three minutes walk to the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Another 5 minutes walk and you have access to all of the area's exciting nightlife, restaurants and activities. Privacy, intimacy and relaxation kicks in from the moment you walk into this little oasis, where an authentic island ambiance reigns...making it hard to leave.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting or staying at Boardwalk Hotel?  We want to help win the title (of course) and make Aruba shine just a little brighter at the same time. Will you help strengthen our efforts by visiting the link below and casting your vote?  It only takes a quick second! 

Now it is up to YOU to VOTE HERE and choose the Best Boutique Hotel of the Caribbean. Remember, make Aruba shine and vote for Boardwalk Small Hotel before December 22!

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