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Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Continues its Sustainability Efforts With New Solar Panels

The resort’s commitment to nature and ecotourism has resulted in several environmental awards, including its 16th annual Green Globe certification in 2016 and the new elite status of Green Globe Platinum, as well as the TripAdvisor Green Leader Platinum Award in 2015.

With the new solar panels up and running, VisitAruba had the opportunity to conduct a short Q & A with resort owner Ewald Biemans. In this interview, Mr. Biemans spoke about Bucuti & Tara’s new solar panels and the benefits of embracing environmental practices in Aruba. We would like to thank Ewald Biemans and resort marketing director Tisa LaSorte for collaborating with VisitAruba on this Q & A.

EBstandingatpool.jpgResort Owner Ewald Biemans

Q. Can you elaborate on what the benefits of solar panels will be for Bucuti & Tara?

A. First and foremost, we eliminate the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy. Secondly, emissions are reduced and this mitigates global warming. If everyone would do that we would make good progress. Third, it reduces our need for generated power and as a consequence our utility company does not have to invest so heavily in generation equipment as demand will be less and not more.

Q. What are the main reasons why Bucuti & Tara believes it is important for Aruba to embrace environmentally-friendly practices?

A. Nature is the pillar of our economy. Without unspoiled nature, there is no tourism.  We are in the nature business. Without nature nor our efforts to mitigate global warming, nature will be destroyed, and future generations will not be able to make use of or benefit from the "one and only" natural resource Aruba has.

Q. How does Aruba compare with other islands in terms of adoption of such practices?

A. We are falling behind as more and more nations and islands claim to use natural resources more and better than we do.  We do no not practice environmental preservation like many other destinations practice. Our efforts are mostly technological and do not address other areas of conservation.

Q. In Bucuti & Tara's opinion how do eco-friendly accommodation options benefit visitors to the island?

A. Maintaining rates [is the greatest benefit], as energy is a large cost of an overall stay. When you reduce consumption you do not need to raise rates.  Secondly, people feel good about diminishing their environmental footprint by staying in an environmentally stable and friendly environment.

Q. Does the resort have any other future plans to become even more sustainable?

A. We keep on going with more technology, more conservation, more stewardship, and more involvement of our staff and our guests in the preservation of our one and only resource: our nature.

Solar panels are only one of the many aspects that make Bucuti & Tara an environmentally friendly resort. The resort uses bio-degradable detergents, water reducers, and retreated water in the gardens. Along with in-resort initiatives, the resort is an active contributor of the Aruban community by supporting organizations including Animal Rights Aruba, Tortugaruba, and the Donkey Sanctuary.

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Photos Courtesy of Tusk Energy Solutions

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