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Cascabel Motorcycle Group Ride Dedicated To Autism

bikeCascabel Motorcycle Group announces to all its members that this year their annual ride will be dedicated to Fundacion Autismo Aruba (FAA) Aruba Autism Foundation. According to Mr. Kenneth Rasmijn, spokesperson for Cascabel, every year the proceeds of the ride are donated to a charity organization. This year the beneficiary will be FAA.

Some discussions are already under way on the different projects which will be assisted with the donated money. The main focus is the purchase of durable informative material explaining with issues of autism and education. One main topic among families dealing with autism is education and communication between school and parents. Where does an autistic child get more attention according to his/her learning capacity'? What can a teacher do to better help an autistic student? Those are key questions that, with the help of structured information, can give support to and benefit any autistic person in the long run.

The amount of the donation depends on the participation of bikers. The run is on May 29 and starts at 11:30 a.m. at the Olde Molen (Old Mill) finishing at 6:00 PM at the same location with entertainment by Claudius Phillips.

To kick-oil' the ride, there will be a bike show on May 28 at the Old Dutch Cafe with musical entertainment to delight all present.

To take part of the Cascabel Motorcycle Group Ride, the date is May 27 at the Olde Molen; fee is Afls. 50 p.p. It includes a souvenir bag engraved with the new logo especially designed to commemorate a weekend packed with action. There will be prizes and activities to entertain all participants during the ride, giving bikers the opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

All bikers and motorcycle groups' are cordially invited to contact Mr. Kenneth Rasrnijn at tel. 592-9410 for more information.

FAA Project Coordinator Natasha Richardson, in name of the Board of Directors, employees and volunteers, extends a heartfelt thank you to Cascabel Motorcycle Group and all bikers for their enthusiasm in giving back to the community, especially those in need. She also invites everyone to visit their website to stay updated on the latest development of FAA and what it has to offer regarding autism and the Aruban community.

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