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Divi Resorts Aruba Host a Cultural Fair

Courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority

The Kids Council, and initiative by Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, visited Divi Resorts on a fact-finding mission, just recently.

The initiative gives children the chance to have a say and be visible in the decision-making process of their country, and allows organization to see themselves from the perspective of children.

The Kids Council delegation left a report behind suggesting the company should take time to celebrate team-work more often, and promote the immense diversity of Divi employees’ cultural backgrounds.

The kids were not kiddin’. Divi Resorts employs 33 nationalities, which makes the company one of the most diverse on the island.

Last Friday, a Cultural Fair at Alhambra Ballroom presented a kaleidoscope of sounds, sights and tastes as 12 from among the company’s nationalities put their culture on display by means of food, music, art and dance.

The packed ballroom featured the cuisine of Aruba, the Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Haiti, Guyana, The Netherlands, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Peru, in addition to dazzling folklore dance groups’ performances and cultural presentations from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Peru and Colombia, including Carnival dancers from Aruba.       

Nico Conor played his steel pans at the entrance to the event, Angela Flores played the violin, and a local brass band dropped in for the spectacular finale parade.

Managing Director Alex Nieuwmeyer was totally pleased with the festive ambiance and mutual appreciation shown to each culture participating in the event. He pledged a bigger and better Cultural Fair for next year, in the evening hour, under the stars with even more featured nationalities. 

The afternoon was emceed by Tabitha Fecunda, Island Marketing & Promotion Manager, for Divi Resorts. Tabitha also produced a charming video as the opening segment, in which each of Divi’s nationalities appears repeating the mantra, “ I am Divi.” The effect of just one line repeated by 33 different personalities delivered the message of shared identity and unity of goals, following the suggestion made by the Kids Council of promoting the immense diversity of Divi employees’ cultural backgrounds.

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