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German Singer Tony Marshall entertains the crowds at Papillon

Papillon-PL_SFEER_00.jpgCourtesy of: Aruba Daily

Crooner Tony Marshall is singing the stars from the sky every Sunday evening at Papillon Restaurant in The Village. The Dutch-born crooner has been living in Aruba for the past few years and he can be caught doing Frank Sinatra, Bobbi Darin, and Tony Bennett, complete with the fancy footwork. Tony is very versatile and he brings a range of music genres, including pop and jazz, and everything in between, appealing to all generations and lending itself to romance and dancing. In this merry time of the year Tony is in a Christmas mood, of course, and if you close your eyes, you can imagine snowflakes falling down on Papillon’s terrace.

Singer Tony is a great entertainer and his popularity attests to that. Many visitors to the island know him already and love to hear him sing. And if you don’t catch him at Papillon Restaurant, you might see him cycling on Aruba’s roads, as he is a great athlete.

Come and enjoy Tony Marshall’s music at fantastic Papillon Restaurant on Sundays from 7 – 10 pm; he will make your special evening out even more special.


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