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It's Final: Aruba Calypso and Roadmarch Contest is this Saturday!

claudius-phillips.jpgcourtesy of: The Morning News

After long and turbulent discussions and negotiations between SAC  and bandleaders, with the intermediation of the government, Aruba’s biggest Carnival event, the Calypso and Roadmarch Contest will go on as planned this Saturday at the Joe Laveist Stadium. The festival will be only one night. A total of 10 bands and 43 singers will compete for the Calypso & Roadmarch  title.

Calypso & Roadmarch music is an important part of Aruba's Carnival. The music styles originate from Trinidad and were introduced during the 70's to Aruba by Trinidadian immigrants. The rhythmic lively music played around carnival has found a place in the hearts of the Arubans. Every year the Roadmarch & Calypso contest is held to crown the Roadmarch & Calypso King or Queen.

See here a picture of the King of Calypso and Roadmarch of last year Mr. Claudius Philips. He is also winner for the best costume.


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